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“In 140 years, we went from riding horses to flying in jets. What will the next 100 years reveal? But one thing is for certain: My phone will be in my pocket, and I will have my phone’s camera ready if the light returns.”


About Author

After devoting a significant portion of my life to specialized professions and earning a college degree, I discovered a passion for writing that led me to where I am today.

After publishing my first novel, “The Bright White Light,” I can share my love for literature with readers worldwide.

I’m also fortunate to share my voyage with an exceptional companion, with whom I embrace life’s excursions and seek out new growth opportunities.

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Joseph Jeluso

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Bright White Light I

Bright White Light is a discerning and profound account of the author’s encounters with enigmatic flying saucers, probing into the possibilities of extraterrestrial technology and humanity’s limitations while interweaving reflections on nature’s marvels.

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Bright White Light II

Bright white light is the continuation of the series that dives into an intriguing and thoughtful journey into near-death experiences, interplanetary captivities, and reveries. The sequel spans two decades, beginning in the 1970s, and concludes the story, instilling readers with a feeling of introspection and thinking about the significance of these incomprehensible events.

Experience First Pages

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Once upon a time, in the kitchen of an adventurous and resourceful individual named Joe, a magical experiment unfolded. Joe, armed with curiosity and a desire to extend the life of his precious tomatoes, embarked on a culinary journey like no other.

In Joe’s vibrant kitchen, where culinary experiments were constantly brewing, stood two resilient tomatoes. These brave fruits had managed to survive the passage of time, defy- ing the natural course of decay. Unyielding in their quest to provide Joe with exceptional flavor, they perched on the countertop, their vibrant hues beckoning him.


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