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About Joe

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“The world is full of mysteries, and we should embrace them rather than fear them.”


About Author

After years of pursuing numerous specialized professions and earning a college degree, I stumbled upon a passion for writing that energized my soul. From that point on, I was captivated, and I knew I had discovered my life’s true passion. Now that my first novel, “The Bright White Light,” has been published, I am overjoyed to share my love for literature with readers around the globe.

This book writing experience was unlike any other; it pushed me to my limits and brought me closer to my true self than I ever thought possible. But I am not alone on this voyage; I am accompanied by an exceptional companion who shares my desire for adventure and personal development. Together, we embrace life’s journeys, searching out new experiences and educational opportunities to broaden our horizons.

I’m thankful to you for stopping by my website – I hope my writing can bring you as much joy and fulfillment as it has brought me!

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Joseph Jeluso

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