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Bright White Light


Bright White Light I

Bright White Light is a discerning and profound account of the author’s encounters with enigmatic flying saucers, probing into the possibilities of extraterrestrial technology and humanity’s limitations while interweaving reflections on nature’s marvels.

Bright White Light II

Bright white light is the continuation of the series that dives into an intriguing and thoughtful journey into near-death experiences, interplanetary captivities, and reveries. The sequel spans two decades, beginning in the 1970s, and concludes the story, instilling readers with a feeling of introspection and thinking about the significance of these incomprehensible events.

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Bright White Light III

In the third installment of the Bright White Light series, readers will learn more about the mystery orb sightings and a near encounter. The narrative ends with a positive outlook from the elderly protagonist, which will leave readers wanting more.

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Bright White Light IV

The series’ fourth book opens on a massive scale, illustrating the plight of immigrants trying to board the Titanic. The story continues with exploring another vivid dream about the strange white room. Readers will be left desiring more as the evidence piles up, Joe’s confidence builds, and more jigsaw pieces fall into place.

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Bright White Light V

The scenario in the fifth volume of the series begins with an unusual sighting of an airplane. From there, the author explores flying saucers’ inner workings and motivations. Ultimately, the author considers the book’s title and role in the search for answers to the world’s most perplexing mysteries.

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